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Whenever you moved from childhood and began your long journey through what will become your working life, you had a good beginning. A good beginning could be (should be) learning from your parents, peers, school, and post-secondary, if following that route. Why do some fail? We all come from different walks of life and some people may not have a fair opportunity to – for a variety of possible reasons – begin on the same footing as others when entering the workforce. Unfortunately, life is life in far too many instances, but once in a while others do reach out to help. Whatever your start, there are a number of things to consider as you make your way through the career you have decided upon.

As you grow and take on different roles, your responsibilities naturally increase, allowing you to slowly become more dominate in your chosen career. While doing so you will have learned many nuances about relationships at work and with your clients and supervisors. These years are important because they can position you for greater opportunities as you strive to better yourself and grasp small things that may seem like minutia at the time, but are actually a major part of the highway you follow.

I am sure you can think of many points where you realized you may have ‘screwed up’. However, most of us learned from some or most of these mistakes. If you are fairly new and attempting to follow a path, it behooves you to watch your peers and those who have a longer tenure in the workforce and witness how they respond to a variety of workplace situations. If you have an occasion to either officially or unofficially mentor under someone, grasp that opportunity quickly. It will pay off especially when mentoring under someone who shows a successful career and advancements.

There are a few things to look at, and perhaps incorporate, into how you do things in your work life and quite likely some may apply to your personal life as well. Have a read and refer to them every once in a while.  Much of these are common sense, but remember, we all know common sense is not necessarily that common!

Walk your talk

Live with integrity. We do what we say.


If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude.

Never disapprove of others

The smart mover concentrates on their own path and ignores the route others choose to take.

Be 100 per cent committed

You are going to have to be vigilant, dedicated, watchful, keen, ready, prepared, cautious, alert, and on the ball.


Truth and honest dealings lead to trust. Respect and reliability over time leads to trust.

Develop a leadership philosophy

Discovering and defining your own leadership philosophy will help build your character, resilience, resolve, and self-confidence to lead, influence, and inspire others.

Develop a positive attitude

How important is a positive attitude to success? it is everything and is the foundation for


Don’t swear

We all do it. Don’t do it at work.

Don’t dwell on the problem

Resolve how you can; don’t lament why you can’t.

Do what you say

Promises are empty words without action. You are measured by your words and your deeds.


Does not start with experience; it starts with attitude – your attitude. So does leadership.

Quotes attributed to Colin Powell, Richard Templar and Jeffrey Gitomer.

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