Mid March Update

Spring Break is starting next week. I hope you can find to spend with family (Dr. Bonnie has authorized up to 10 people together outside). Continue to practice good safe habits though; it would be a shame to have come this far and end up with COVID folks!

I enjoy the two weeks as (I do take a day or so off) it allows me to attempt to catch-up on the myriad of reports and other paperwork waiting for me. No interruptions mean some great blues tunes slide around my office as I dig deep into things. There is nothing like some great Blues shuffle to allow me to get to it!

The email links should be working when you are in the tab that shows the Executive. I invite you to submit a note to us once in a while. We would like to hear from you. We (the Executive) have just started a monthly open agenda ZOOM meeting. This allows us to chat about whatever topic we want and in the process maybe discover something else we should be doing for EFMABC! It is your Association Folks so if you can / want, please communicate with us through the emails set up on this website.

Stay tuned for a three day session in June where we will be holding a two hour session each day with the third culminating in the las last session with a few Ministry people commenting on a number of things. Stay tuned. It is called ‘3 Days in June’.

Do you have something you want to share here, with the rest of your peers around the Province? Send it to us and we will put it out there!

Thanks for listening (reading!).

Until next time, stay safe.

Chuck Morris

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