EFMA BC congratulates School District 23 and 38 for their work on energy reduction

EFMA BC congratulates School District 23 and 38 for their work on energy reduction. Bravo!

We have all been concerned with energy use, reduction of GHG emissions and tasked with reporting annually back to the Ministry.

Here are two School Districts in B.C. that stepped above and beyond and won an award for what they were able to achieve.

Kudos to District 23 (Kelowna) and to District 38 (Richmond) for their success. These wins need to be recognized as the successes that they are. From EFMA, a big thankyou folks, for stepping out.


Medium Commercial Customer

The Board of Education of School District No. 23 (Central Okanagan) upgraded Canyon Falls Middle School with several energy-efficiency features, and they used the proceeds of their FortisBC rebate to purchase solar panels to decrease the school’s carbon footprint even further.

“These upgrades are important to create a greener environment for our students and our community… FortisBC challenged our design team with the construction of Canyon Fall Middle School to achieve a 100 per cent ENERGY STAR rating, and supplied us with rebates that ensured this project would be successful.”

Harold Schock, Energy and Sustainability Manager, Central Okanagan School District No. 23

Public Sector – Provincial

Richmond School District No. 38 earned our inaugural Innovation award by achieving a dramatic reduction in natural gas consumption through several innovative natural gas projects, including installing a solar wall at McMath Secondary School, and gas absorption heat pumps as part of a FortisBC pilot project at both Richmond and Cambie Secondary Schools.

“Energy system retrofits are the best way for me to achieve energy-saving targets.”

Thi Nguyen, Energy Specialist, Richmond School District No. 38

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