April 29th

Are we on our way away from COVID? Certainly hope so but keep it in mind just in case!

I’ve been chatting to a lot of members around the Province just touching base and seeing how things are going. We are all very busy is the gist of these conversations.

Thank you to those who did respond to my two questions;  DCC charges and off-site works municipalities are forcing on us as well as AFG supporting Operating budget lines. Short story here, we have nearly completed design on a seismic replacement school in Saanich. Saanich has identified over 7 million dollars’ worth of off-site works they are trying to get out of us! Ludicrous to say the lease. I remember I used to build Elementary schools for just under 7 million dollars at one time. YIKES!

So I have passed on all the info I collected along with my take on all of this and forwarded both documents to the Deputy Minister and the Capital Management Branch of MoE. No response yet.

Annual Conference right around the corner! I hope to see a majority of you in attendance. It has been long overdue and the sessions are usually spot on but I also believe this time that networking will be something else. WE all need to get out and meet each other and talk about old times and what is happening in our respective districts.

Until then, take care!

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