Dear members of the Educational Facilities Managers Association of BC,

Thank you for attending the presentation from the Province of B.C.’s Climate Action Secretariat (CAS) on public sector climate leadership. For those who could and could not attend, the slides are attached.

For those interested in the Climate Resilient Public Sector Buildings Working Group, CAS is working with a team of consultants (RDH Building Sciences, Integral Group, Prism Engineering, and Keer Wood Leidal) to develop a Climate Resilient Public Sector Guidebook, benefit-cost analysis of resilient design measures, and recommendations for minimum resilient design standards for public sector buildings. CAS has established a Climate Resilient Public Sector Buildings Technical Working Group to support the development of the project deliverables to ensure they are relevant and useful for the intended audience. In the coming weeks, we will be seeking feedback from school districts on the baseline assumptions used for the modelling work associated with all three components of the project. Attached is a recent presentation about the project and the Terms of Reference for the working group. A recording of the presentation can be viewed here. The first workshop will be held August 26th, 10-1pm. Please contact Julia Berry ( to confirm your interest in participating in this process.

Thanks you very much for your interest and engagement.


Presentation to EFMABC on Public Sector Climate Leadership
Climate Resilient Public Sector Buildings Working Group
Resilient Public Sector Buildings